Residential Coaching Camp

In preparation of State School team for participation in 59th National School Games Meet the Department conducted Residential Coaching Camp in the following disciplines under guidenceof qualified Coaches of the Department.

Sl. No
1Subroto Mukharjee Football tournament Under 14 & 17 years
2KabaddiUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
3HockeyUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
4Table-TennisUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
5TaekwondoUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
6AquaticUnder-14,17 and 19 yrs (Boys & Girls)
7GymnasticsUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
8FootballUnder-14 yrs (Boys & Girls)
9BaseballUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
10J.N. Hockey (Girls)
11Kho-khoUnder-14yrs (Boys & Girls)
12ArcheryUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
13FencingUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
14FootballUnder-19 yrs (Boys & Girls)
15HandballUnder-14 yrs (Boys & Girls)
16AthleticsUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
17HockeyUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
18BoxingUnder-17 yrs (Girls)
19WrestlingUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys)
20JudoUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
21Weight LiftingUnder-17 yrs (Boys)
22FootballUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
23VolleyballUnder-17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
24Rope SkippingUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
25BAdmintonUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
26BasketballUnder-14 yrs (Boys & Girls)
27WrestlingUnder-14 yrs (Boys & Girls)
28Thang-TaUnder-14 and 17 yrs (Boys & Girls)
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Director (YAS)

N. Praveen Singh, IAS

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