1. Manipur Swimming Association
  2. Manipur Archery Association
  3. Amateur Atheletic Association Manipur
  4. Manipur Badminton Association
  5. Manipur Amateur Baseball Association
  6. Manipur Basketball Association
  7. Manipur Amateur Boxing Association
  8. All Manipur Canoeing & Kayaking Association
  9. Manipur Cycling Association
  10. Manipur Equestrian Association
  11. Manipur Fencing Association
  12. All Manipur Football Association
  13. All Manipur Gymnastic Association
  14. Manipur Handball Association
  15. Manipur Hockey Association
  16. Manipur Women’s Hockey Association
  17. Manipur Judo Association
  18. Manipur Rowing Association
  19. Manipur Rifle Association
  20. Manipur Softball Association
  21. Manipur Table Tennis Association
  22. All Manipur Taekwondo Association
  23. Manipur Tennis Association
  24. Manipur Triathlon  Association
  25. All Manipur Volleyball Association
  26. All Manipur Weight lifting Association
  27. Manipur Wrestling Association
  28. Manipur Olympic Association
  29. All Manipur Kang Association
  30. Manipur Mukna Association
  31. Manipur Horse Riding & Polo Association
  32. All Manipur Polo Association
  33. Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association Manipur
  34. All Manipur Disabled & Handicapped Persons Development Agency
  35. All Manipur Disabled & Handicapped Persons Association

Director (YAS)

Armstrong Pame

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