1. All Manipur Arm Wrestling Association
  2. All Manipur Atya Patya Association
  3. Ball Badminton Association of Manipur
  4. Manipur Bridge Association
  5. All Manipur Carrom Association
  6. Manipur Cycle Polo Association
  7. Kick Boxing Association of Manipur
  8. Manipur Korfball Association
  9. All Manipur Kung-fu Brotherhood Union
  10. Manipur Amateur MauyThai Association
  11. All Manipur Power Lifting Association
  12. Manipur Strength Lifting Association
  13. All Manipur Tenni-Koit Association
  14. Manipur Tennis Ball Cricket Association
  15. Throwball Association of Manipur
  16. Manipur Tug of War Association
  17. Manipur Veteran Amateur Athletic association
  18. All Manipur Yoga Association
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Director (YAS)

N. Praveen Singh, IAS

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